Building a Crypto Faucet, pt 1

I’ve known about BitCoin Faucets for about a year and some change now when a youtube video from Aaron Hibberd demonstrated probably the most famous and upfront BitCoin Faucet’s around,

Hello my fellow Gangsters.

Aaron Hibberd

I followed the guide, and watched as my 10c worth of bitcoin cash in my mobile wallet would grow a penny, or diminish a couple cents depending on how the market went. Mostly uninteresting but it did it’s job in showing me how unintimidating bitcoin transactions really were.

And what, exactly, is a Bitcoin Faucet, Kyle?

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I had a passing thought, “was it possible to game could I hit the faucet several times?”. The answer was a simple “no” of course, as they locked it behind google accounts. I’d have to register several gmail accounts jsut for 4c or 5c worth of bitcoin at a time. Not worth it. But this is where I finally decided to look for other faucets.

The first one I came across was

Replace water, with the flow of Crypto.

This is a Bitcoin Faucet that is as simple as it gets. It’s a white page, with black text. Hit the captcha and enter your bitcoin wallet, and see what random number of “Satoshi’s” (a bitcoin’s micro denomination) you get out of it for free. A countdown timer springs up that forces you to wait before hitting the submit button again.

Pictured: The most basebones faucet you can get

The catch here is simple: what you’re “earning” isn’t really bitcoin, and these “Satoshi’s” aren’t being sent to your bitcoin wallet. At least, not yet.

The Gentle Art of Giving Stuff Away for Free.

What you’re really doing when you hit the submit button, is allowing a server side application to keep track of “points” (These are the real “Satoshi”) allocated against a supplied bitcoin wallet. Doesn’t have to be your wallet, just A wallet will suffice. The point is that you’re supposed to reach a certain minimum trheshold of Satoshi before you can initiate a real transfer, which converts your points into a value worth of bitcoin.

Ideally, the transaction should pose a meaningful amount of value (let’s say, $5USD worth) while also swallowing the transaction fee that the verification miners get to harvest for approving the record.

And that’s it! but.. Anytime I bring up a Bitcoin Faucet up with someone in conversation, the question always seems to be

“…how? 🤔”

pretty much everybody i talk too these days

Naturally, giving away bitcoin for free can be risky business, especially if someone games your system and rapidly builds up their stock of Satoshi
And Naturally, giving anything away for free that has no explicit stock quanitity to prevent further sale for infinitium, can get really expensive to maintain really fast. So, why do it?

Because the goal is simple: to earn more in dollars than you give away in bitcoin.


Care to Join my WEB RING?

Me, only kinda sarcastically

So, that’s the thing. Ads.

It’s not a pleasant thing by any stretch, but they are legitimiately how faucets survive. So the idea is unfortunately to detect ad-blocking behaviour and hide away your faucet from being activated until the ads become unblocked.

But it’s a win win situation, you see the ads, perhaps even click on one of interest, and you need to hit my page several times before you can transfer your free bitcoin to your wallet. I earn enough to keep the servers running and the bitcoin syphon topped up via ads and affiliate rings, you get to earn free currency that can be withdrawn and converted into real life cash or stock options.

The real work begins.

All of this sounded pretty sweet. I get to try and give back the knowledge I acquired from Faucets, while setting up a nice little trickle income mostly autonomous low maintenance side business. But.. I couldn’t be content with just spinning up some pre-packages faucet, no, that’s not how I sleep at night.

Related image
How I Feel working on a Cryptocurrency Website.

I needed to make this a learning experience and hack away on something I’m proud to run.

Also, I wanted to host it for AS CHEAP AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. So I’ve opted for this tech stack

Hey, a BitCoin Faucet – Technology Stack

And that’s all I got for now, I’ll write Part 2 once I’ve completed the project and it’s live, sort of a “Post Mortem” of sorts.

Until then, TTFN.

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