Building a Crypto Faucet, pt 2

When I set out to build this bitcoin faucet of mine, I really had two goals in mind

  1. Practice building a complete web app with Node and Express
  2. Practice building a complete web app with Angular 8
  3. …Profit
Pictured: All of my ambitions.

What I hadn’t anticipated was my own unfortunate barrier of entry into the cryptomarket itself!

See, one of the key things about building a crypto faucet, is the ability for the people who build up their satoshi’s to eventually withdraw them and get a deposit into their own wallet. Over these past couple months i’ve been hit with exactly two roadblocks

  1. I Am Canadian. And as such my abilities to simply trade for bitcoin is stunted by various external forces such as my own bank not liking cryptocurrencies, to my methods of payment not being accepted.
  2. The platforms and APIs I was going to depend on to make the transactions happen have either been very slow to respond to me, or simply have ignored me altogether.
  3. Google AdSense no longer likes the idea of “incentivizing traffic”. I’ve never heard of an ad-network that says “damn, we don’t want people seeing TOO many ads now, yikes”

The actual application itself has been coming along fine, if a little glacial. But the reason for that is primarily the demoralizing reasons listed above. Now, I can get around item 3 there, I can work with that, but the other two have been some serious walls put up for this whole thing.

So what does this mean? Is the project a bust?

Let’s ask the magic 8-ball

There’s still many avenues for me to explore, it’s just unfortunate the things that I thought would be the easy part, have ended up being the hardest part, and the hardest part I thought would end up being fairly easy that I’ve out-raced myself. I will have this thing released and usable by the end of the year, I can feel that. And from there i’d like to explore bigger and better things.

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