How to Help?

Redacted DevWorks is at best just a fancy label to release projects under a name slightly more interesting than my real name, but at it’s core I am but one person, not a collective, nor am I funded through grants or sponsorships or even venture or seed funding. I am entirely independent and free to focus on projects and areas in those projects I deem to be priority. It’s liberating for sure, but I fund everything everything out of pocket including hosting costs, service costs, license costs, and asset costs.

The “Classic” Money Approach

I have a few tricks up my sleeve, such as the patreon and a and a ko-fi for example. But if I’m going to be totally honest, I love my full time job which not only helps me put food on my table and a roof over our head, it funds a pretty comfortable lifestyle at that, and even better my projects.

Instead, there are two main areas where I could really use the help!

The Moneyless Approach

Simply spreading my articles and my projects to people who might find them interesting would be the biggest help. I don’t have much of a street crew handy to help me make my content go viral, but I’m always thankful to anybody who decides to send my pages and content along to others!

The Moneyish Approach

I’m a believer in the blockchain. Any donations in the way of crypto are SUPER appreciated!

I accept BAT Donations through the Brave Rewards Tip feature as a “Brave Verified Creator”, and of course I accept more traditional crypto with the button below

No matter which way you decide you want to help me out, know that I will forever be thankful, and the funds will absolutely go right back into the projects themselves. Donation can be done completely anonymously or as open book as you please, just let me know if you decide to share your name with me if I should keep your name anonymous.